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    For those who don't know, the 1958 event that gave bigfoot it's name when loggers in California found large unknown tracks was a hoax. A man named Ray Wallace had use wooden casts to create them (and is also well known for faking other bigfoot phenomena). However I don't think […]
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    13 year special operations spook here. Worked as senior analyst, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) tactical controller (ITC), chief of weapons and tactics, etc, etc… One time I was on day shift working near real time ops in Afghanistan, in this case Kandahar province, so it was night there. Watching […]
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    I have heard Cliff Barackman claim that he was edited to make look like a hoaxer, but that he really made fake footprints to study how difficult it would be to fake the prints he’s found, and that he never tried to pass off fake prints as real. The TV […]
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    How many of the numerous encounter stories and sightings do you believe genuinely involve Sasquatch, as opposed to being cases of misidentification or false claims? View Poll submitted by /u/External_City9144 [link] [comments]
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    To stress it's not my comment I found it and I'm curious to see your guys opinion on it [It's been a while since my psychology phase. But in essence priming is a process involved in processing information and reaching conclusions. It works by strengthening associations through, for example, recent […]
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    Any folks here have any past experiences or encounters? Any suggestions on where to go? I'm leaning towards somewhere in Ozark-St Francis National Forest. submitted by /u/CenTxCamper [link] [comments]